Improving diagnosis experience webinars

Tailored memory clinic care

Our webinar on Tuesday 12th March 2024 was led by Dr Jackie Poos, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Alzheimer Centre Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. She addressed support for people with young onset dementia and their family members during the diagnostic pathway at the memory clinic and how the gap from diagnosis to post-diagnostic care and support could be bridged

Navigating young onset dementia from pre-diagnosis onwards

Our webinar on Wednesday 21st February 2024 was led by Jill Quinn, CEO of Dementia Forward, North Yorkshire. Alongside colleagues, she shared the learning from Dementia Forward’s work with families at all stages of young onset dementia from before diagnosis and beyond

Memory clinics and the NHS England Genomic Medicine Service

Our webinar in November 2023 was led by Dr Nick Bass, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist. Nick described the North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Alliance transformation project to embed genomic investigation in mental health service provided memory clinics

Service improvement project to support the person with young onset dementia and their family

At our October 2023 webinar the Wokingham Memory Clinic and Oxford Centre for Genomic Medicine shared their multidisciplinary approach to ensure genetic testing can be considered for younger people with dementia and their families

Different service models – Young Onset Dementia Nurse-Led Service, Northampton

Our webinar in June 2023 focused on the nurse-led Younger People With Dementia Team based in Northampton which provides assessments, diagnosis, and support for individuals under the age of 65 who are living with dementia

Different service models – Young Onset Dementia Service, Doncaster

Our webinar in May 2023 focused on the long-established Young Onset Dementia Service, in Doncaster and included an interview with Michael Booth who is living with young onset dementia

Improving the diagnosis process for people with atypical symptoms

Our webinar in March 2023 was led by Rare Dementia Support and focused on how we can improve the diagnosis process for people that present with atypical symptoms.

Changing perceptions of diagnosis

Our February 2023 webinar was led by Dr Susan Mitchell, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK. It focused on how the preferences of people living with dementia, a shifting political landscape and advances in research and drug discovery can help the dementia diagnosis pathway evolve

Young onset dementia and general practice – identifying symptoms before diagnosis

Our November 2022 webinar focused on the first symptoms of young onset dementia, how to increase their recognition and better identify people with young onset dementia at an earlier stage

Why numbers matter and change is possible

Our October 2022 webinar was led by Dr Janet Carter and Michael Jackson. They discussed the importance of using data to better communicate the need for improved services for younger people living with dementia