On Wednesday 22nd June 2022, we continued our series of young onset dementia webinars with Communi-tea – the importance of support and connection for carers of people with young onset dementia.

The webinar was led by tide (together in dementia everyday) and focused on the support that is available for family members and carers and how connection to others affected by young onset dementia helps them to feel less alone.

Sarah Merriman (Head of Delivery, tide) was our lead panelist. She was joined by Christine, Janis and Sharon who are members of tide’s young onset dementia carers focus group. They shared their experiences and talked about how being part of the group has helped them.

Our webinars

Our monthly webinars bring together Young Dementia Network members, people living with young onset dementia, family members, professionals and people interested in young onset dementia to create an opportunity to connect, support and inform each other